Job Announcement

Project Manager for the project "Gender Observatory in Cambodia".

Deadline for applications: 15th September 2011

Employment Period: October 2011 until December 2012. Possible continuation depends on available funding.

Workplace: Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Context: The WordForge Foundation (Spanish Foundation) and the Open Institute have been working in Cambodia since 2006 underfunding from the Spanish Agency for International DevelopmentCooperation (AECID). Since 2007 they have developed projects related to distribution of gender information for and about women in local language (Khmer).

In 2010 they have received a grant from AECID to assist the Cambodian Ministry of Women's Affairs, at its request, to prepare what will be a Gender Observatory, the project started in January 2011. To manage the continuation of this work, a project manager with experience in similar activities in Spain or other countries is to be hired.

The manager will work at the Open Institute headquarters in Cambodia, interacting with the Ministry of Women's Affairs, universities and other government and social actors, to ensure the completion of the outcomes defined in the project. The manager must also prepare technical and financial justification of the project for AECID, with the support of an administrative and accounting team.

Theproject wants to achieve the following results:

  • To produce a comprehensive proposal for the creation of a National Gender Observatory in Cambodia. The proposal defines the goals, objectives, strategies, methodology, human resources, equipment and infrastructure for the Observatory.
  • To determine the policies, regulations and strategies related to gender of the Cambodian government that will be studied by the Observatory, clearly defining its indicators. To gather and classify all research on gender equality or woman's issues that Ministry and donors have done, are doing or have planned. This result will also consider the alignment of national indicators with international indicators that allow comparison with other countries.
  • To produce a book on the evolution of gender politics and social change on gender in Cambodia from 1993 to the present.
  • To complete on-going work on censing and classifying services offered to women's by government and NGOs, publishing the information in the form of small guides to be used by women at times of personal crisis.
    • In addition to achieving such results, the project manager must also:
      • Maintain contacts with the Ministry of Women Affairs, other NGOs in the sector, universities and other ministries.
      • Participate in the formulation of new phases of the project in relation with the Observatory or the Ministry of Women's Affairs of Cambodia.
      • Keep track of project funds in Cambodia, ensuring they are properly accounted for and included in the financial justifications in the formats requested by AECID. Carry out administrative activities of the WordForge Foundation (to whom the project funds are granted by AECID) in Cambodia.

      Our ideal candidates must conform to the following requirements

      • Academic training in gender (Master's or Ph.D.), or extensive experience in gender and research equivalent to the training.
      • Minimum two years experience in research on gender issues.
      • Minimum one year experience in project management.
      • Participation in the management of a gender observatory, an institute for women's studies, or similar organization devoted to research on the situation of women and/or gender will be highly valued.
      • Clear understanding of the value of developing gender policies and how to monitor their implementation and impact.
      • Having a broad and not dogmatic approach to gender work, understanding the different areas where an observatory should work and be able to question their own thinking schemes to be able to adapt to the values, idiosyncrasies and working methods of a developing country.
      • Speak and write English at a level sufficient to carry out the work and to report at a professional level.
      • Selection Process: applicants must submit a resume in either Spanish, English or French by email before the deadline stated above, preferably in PDF format, to: If the mail is correctly received, you will immediately receive an e-mail back confirming receipt.

      Non-discrimination:although it is estimated that the majority of applicants for this position will be women, the WordForge Foundation and the Open Institute in no case discriminate against male applicants, who will be evaluated with identical criteria.

      The WordForge Foundation is a non-profit organizationheadquartered and registered in Madrid, Spain. It work on gender equality and on the use of technology in local languages in Cambodia and in Bangladesh. The Open Institute is a local Cambodian non-profit NGO based in Phnom Penh that works closely with the Foundation in these two areas.