El rio del conocimiento

The low qualifications of its teachers is one of the strongest barriers to the development of Cambodia. The Cambodian Education system was restarted from zero in 1980, after the end of the Khmer Rouge genocide (in which 80% of the teachers were killed), and lived in war until 1993. After the system was restarted, those who knew how to write became teachers. New teachers come out of teacher training centers every year, but their background preparation is low, and they are not able to turn the theoretical classes that they received into practice that their students can profit from.
This project uses video, a technology that can be used all over the country, to show teachers how other teachers around the country teach correctly, as examples that they can follow and copy, seeing the practice by themselves, instead of having to image what it should be like, and learning how education can be used to give the students critical thinking and problem solving skills that will help them face life.